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Can you imagine having no personnel, expertise, facility, or financial barriers to providing the best learning experiences for your emerging leaders?  We can!

We exist to bless you as you bless others. Allow us to partner with you in empowering and equipping your emerging leaders for fruitful lives and service.
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Criteria for Partnership

Collaboration is a core value for Sparrows College. 

We seek the best learning contexts and ministry / vocational opportunities for students / graduates and so create partnerships with churches, denominations and parachurch organisations who likewise value the development of their emerging leaders.

Partner entities benefit from an annual allocation of scholarships made available for suitable candidates.

Apply now for a partnership in 3 simple steps:
Step 1: Download our form
Step 2: Complete all sections
Step 3: Email your completed form, required evidence and attachments to:

Please have your recommended leaders / individual applicants who wants to apply for the Scholarship must Apply through here .
The entity has a clearly defined and effective system for identifying and selecting emerging leaders.

Questions for evaluation:

What identifying markers do you look for in emerging leaders?
E.g., Character traits, beliefs, values etc.

What pathways are made available to emerging leaders?

What is the discernment process and timeframe for selecting emerging leaders?

The entity provides meaningful, holistic, and healthy ministry / service opportunities.

Questions for evaluation:

What meaningful, holistic, and healthy ministry / service opportunities do you create for emerging leaders?

How do you match and moderate suitable learning activities with individual leaders?

What processes are in place to allow for escalation and de-escalation in responsibility?

The entity provides ongoing professional development for its leaders.

Questions for evaluation:

What mechanisms do you employ to provide oversight and accountability for your leaders?

How do you cultivate the health and longevity of your leaders?

What activities do you use to facilitate regular peer and personal mentoring and support and how frequently do these occur?

What annual targets do you set and moderate for your leaders’ self-directed professional development?

The entity monitors and improves its emerging leader pathways and training mechanisms and systems.

Questions for evaluation:

How frequently does your Board (or equivalent) review related documents, and policies and procedures? (E.g., Emerging Leader pathways, Grievance policy)

What feedback mechanisms do you employ and how are these processed and acted upon?

What is your most recent implementation to your emerging leader program?

The entity adequately prioritises the development of emerging leaders.

Questions for evaluation:

What percentage of your total annual income do you allocate to the development of emerging leaders and how is this dispersed?

What percentage of your total leadership base do you categorise as emerging leaders?

What percentage of emerging leaders successfully complete their training period?

What percentage of emerging leaders do you credential and or provide ministry/vocational positions on their completion of their training period?

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